MiniMe DSP P63B

Model No. MiniMe DSP P63B
MSRP $699.00/PIECE
MiniMe DSP P63B

The Earthquake Sound MiniMe DSP P63 is a micro-sized, ultra-powerful subwoofer that is elegantly crafted in a high gloss piano finish with stunning modern grille-less flush-mounted drivers on three sides. The MiniMe DSP P63 was developed for those who love music and movies without bulky AV equipment that takes up valuable floor space. At less than 9 inches cubed, the MiniMe DSP P63 is easy to position on a low shelf, beneath a table, behind furniture, or in a corner.

The remarkable performance of the MiniMe DSP P63 is accomplished through the symbiotic relationship of the inverted 6.5″ premium XLT active driver and inverted dual opposing 6.5″ passive bass radiators coupled with the massive power output of a 600 watts peak Earthquake enhanced Class D amplifier. Implementing dual passive radiators drastically increases the system’s capability and efficiency, resulting in ultra-low frequency reproduction at louder sound levels than any manufacturer of this size.

Passive Bass Radiators

When it comes to passive radiator technology, Earthquake has reined supreme in this category of the audio industry. Passive bass radiators increase sub-harmonic frequency response and dynamic output capability and overcome the limitations understood from traditional closed and ported configurations. The powerful XLT active woofer coupled with the dual passive drivers allows the MiniMe DSP P63 to effortlessly reproduce battlefield-level effects.

Why have dual passive radiators on the MiniMe DSP P63? This type of design has many benefits. First and foremost, it raises the total sound-radiating surface by 50 percent. It also increases overall system efficiency since the total air resistance on the active driver is reduced, and it could thus reach its designated Xmax with less power from the amplifier. Lastly, it permits the active driver compression-free movement resulting in a truly impactful bass response from an ultra-compact enclosure volume.

About The Amplifier

The MiniMe DSP P63 subwoofer utilizes Earthquake’s high-efficiency digital power amplifier technology with the added benefits of DSP control through mobile devices. Complex and professional-level room tuning is made possible right at your fingertips via a mobile application allowing users to precisely tune the subwoofer to the room in which it is placed.

To optimize the sound and clarity of a subwoofer, it must be tuned appropriately to its surroundings. Through an automated room correction process in the iWoofer™ Pro app, you will obtain the customized performance you deserve and achieve maximum SPL with a more linear response for your home theater. Up to a 48dB/octave crossover is also available within the application for a steep frequency cutoff.

The built-in 600 watts digital power amplifier has an efficiency of over 90%, which means that the amplifier stays cool and composed even under harsh and continuous operation. The unique amplifier design is distinguished by high performance and excellent bass control. Even the most complex source material is reproduced accurately and articulated.

To protect the MiniMe DSP P63 subwoofer from the abuse of high input voltages, Earthquake has implemented a Multi-Path Optocoupler Protection Circuity (MOP). MOP converts an analog audio signal to light and optically couples it to the driver stage, preventing the amplifier from clipping when the gain is too high. This advanced protection method limits the subwoofer from emitting distortion to near-nil levels without compromising the subwoofer’s performance. Rest assured that no matter what the input voltage going into the amplifier is, the MiniMe DSP P63 will remain composed and under constant control.

Transform your listening experience with the new MiniMe DSP P63 by Earthquake Sound.


  • Micro form factor allows for a variety of placement options
  • Sleek grille-less modern design offers a high aesthetic acceptance factor
  • 3x the radiating surface area for impactful bass response
  • Built-in advanced Earthquake class D amplifier for high output and efficiency
  • Single inverted 6.5″ active driver with patented edge overlapping suspension
  • Dual inverted opposing passive radiators with patented edge overlapping suspension
  • Anti-wobble cone construction and reinforced dust caps
  • Multi-path Optocoupler Protection Circuitry
  • Full DSP control through a mobile app
  • Auto Room Correction (iWoofer™ Pro only)
  • SHS (Sub-Harmonic Synthesizer)
  • Up to 25 bands of parametric EQ
  • On The Fly Variable Q EQ
  • Variable low pass filter
  • Low-level RCA inputs
  • 0–180° phase adjustment control
  • 3-way Auto/On/Off mode switch
  • DSP On/Off selector switch
  • Volume Control
  • Power, signal, and DSP LED indicators
  • Built-in 5.2V USB power port
  • Rubber stabilizing feet
  • 110V/220V AC selector
  • High gloss black piano lacquer finish
  • Protected by US Patent #11,140,474 B1

  • Driver Size: 6.5″ active driver with edge overlapping suspension
  • Dual opposing 6.5″ passive bass radiators with edge overlapping suspension
  • Amplifier Power: 600W peak dynamic
  • Enclosure Type: Dual passive tuned to 27Hz
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz–160Hz
  • Crossover Frequency: 40Hz–180Hz
  • Nominal Impedance: 4-Ohm


  • Includes feet, grilles, and knobs
    • HxWxD: 8.75″ (222mm) x 8.75″ (222mm) x 9″ (229mm)
    • Weight: 13.84 lbs (6.27 kgs)


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