MiniMe DSP P8W

Model No. MiniMe DSP P8B
MSRP $899.00/PIECE
MiniMe DSP P8W

With the continued success of the MiniMe DSP series of home subwoofers, Earthquake felt that a smaller sibling was in order to help compliment the line. The all new MiniMe DSP P8 utilizes Earthquake’s unique class “D” circuitry with over 90% efficiency with the added advantage of DSP control through mobile devices. Complicated and professional room tuning is now made possible right at your finger tips through a mobile app allowing users to tune the MiniMe DSP P8 for flexible subwoofer placement in any room. Like the 10, 12, and 15 inch models, the DSP P8 offers users some of the same great performance and features like 600 watts of brute peak power output, high-EMF XLT active driver, and redesigned 8 inch mass tuned SLAPS-M8 passive radiator with increased excursion potential.

Without a doubt, the MiniMe DSP P8 is one the best 8 inch subwoofers ever produced by Earthquake and is sure to fill a small to medium sized room with massive bass for the utmost in sound quality and intense room-rumbling sound effects. It is available in both black or white high gloss piano finishes and with the dual active and passive driver setup. With a compact 10 inch cube enclosure, don’t let the size of this little monster fool you. It offers users high performance and superb bass control with a sound that remains dynamic, punchy, and precise even under hard and continuous operation. Transform your listening experience with the all new MiniMe DSP P8 subwoofer.

DSP For Optimal Performance

In order to optimize sound and clarity on a subwoofer, it must be tuned properly to its environment. Through an automated room correction process that the iWoofer™ Pro app offers, you will get the customized performance that you deserve and achieve the maximum amount of SPL with a more linear response for your home theater. Up to a 48dB/octave crossover is also available within the application for a steep frequency cutoff.

SLAPS-M8 – Patented Superiority

SLAPS technology is a key player in translating the MiniMe DSP P8 amplifier’s high power into dominating LFE. SLAPS is a patented system that dramatically increases subwoofer efficiency and capability for ultra low frequency reproduction. SLAPS stands for Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System. As the name indicates, it is built symmetrically which distinguishes it from traditional passive devices. SLAPS integrates identical components in its suspension and design ensuring the unit is moving identically in both directions. The revolutionary efficiency and performance are the result of the pneumatic coupling between SLAPS and the active driver. SLAPS overcomes the limitations known from conventional closed and ported designs that prevent radical excursion and deep response. The unique design allows the active driver compression-free movement resulting in deep, dynamic, and hard-hitting bass response. Reach dominating LFE with SLAPS technology and without any annoying port noise.

Luxurious Finish

The MiniMe DSP P8 is covered in deep luxurious black or white piano lacquer. The cabinet finish begins with a thorough sanding and priming followed by multiple applications of black lacquer with additional fine sanding between layers. The cabinet is then finished with a smooth, high gloss clearcoat. The elegant piano lacquer complements its compact modern design and adds sculptural finesse and exclusivity to your home.


  • Built-in high efficiency class D amplifier
  • Premium high-EMF XLT active driver
  • Patented SLAPS-M8 passive radiator system
  • Built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for enhanced bass performance
  • Automatic signal sensing
  • Auto room correction (iWoofer™ Pro only)
  • 3-Way Auto/On/Off mode switch
  • DSP On/Off selector switch
  • SHS (Sub-harmonic Synthesizer)
  • Selective variable crossover
  • 0–180° phase adjustment
  • Sub operation switch for different ranges
  • Operation status LED indicator
  • Low level RCA inputs
  • RCA Mono DSP output
  • Remote & remote eye included
  • Removable grilles included
  • High gloss white piano lacquer finish

  • Driver Size: 8″ active driver
  • 8″ SLAPS passive radiator tuned to 27Hz with 160g added mass
  • Amplifier Power: 300 WRMS / 600W peak dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 25–160Hz
  • Crossover Frequency: 40–160Hz
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Input Impedance: 20 kOhm
  • Enclosure Type: Ported with passive radiator

  • Includes feet, grilles, and knobs
    • H x W x D: 11ʺ (278mm) x 10.43ʺ (265mm) x 11.41ʺ (290mm)
    • Weight: 18.2 lbs (8.25 kgs)


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