CP8 Couch Potato

Model No. CP-8
MSRP $399.00/piece
CP8 Couch Potato
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The 8 inch CP8 Couch Potato is a powered special applications low profile subwoofer that is designed to deliver massive fast bass right at your sitting position. By placing the subwoofer closer to you, the bass is faster, more powerful, and carries massive sub-harmonic vibrations with it that offers unique placement possibilities. With an integral high-power 300 Watts MAX amplifier, the CP8 subwoofer provides RCA inputs and high level inputs with crossed high level outputs. The CP8’s high output level is designed to match typical satellite speaker systems to enhance the overall sound quality and performance of your system. It is based on the same over-sized quality components known from the success of the SUB-80X subwoofer. A powerful 150 watt amplifier and an 8 inch long-throw woofer with a 2 inch voice coil ensures high output and long life.

A large bass port on the front of the subwoofer ensures high output of the lowest frequencies and gives the strong woofer optimal working conditions, resulting in strong and accurate bass. The bass port allows you to get bass out from under a couch or bed without loss of precision and energy. With a height of only 7 inches, it can be stored under most sofas and beds. It can also be placed on its side if there is space between the back of the couch and the wall. The CP8 slim subwoofer allows you to add deep and accurate bass with flexible placement options in mind.

Winner of Custom Retailer's EXC!TE Award and the 2010 CES Innovations Award.


  • Built-in high efficiency class AB amplifier
  • 150 watts continuous / 300 watts peak
  • 8" long throw, premium down firing subwoofer
  • Auto ON signal detection circuitry
  • Selective variable crossover
  • 180° phase inverting switch
  • Speaker level input (up to 10 Volts)
  • RCA (low) level audio input
  • Ported, down firing design
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 7" x 24" x 12"


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