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Edgeless RCS

NEW Generation of RCS Ceiling Speakers

The RCS speakers were designed to deliver audiophile quality sound, while maintaining affordable prices. And they do just that. Earthquake Sound’s engineers took no shortcuts in their design of the RCS speakers.

A stiff and durable polypropylene cone achieves uniform motion by way of a progressive spider system reducing distortion and deformation. Earthquake uses its patented PistonMax™ technology in order to increase the speaker excursion. A copper wound voice coil capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding 400 and helps to prevent deformation even after years of use. Adjustable NEO tweeters allow the user to pinpoint and direct the sound to the rooms “Sweet spot”, creating enveloping sound fields.

The RCS Series would not complete without the R6D and R8D. Keeping space in mind, these dual voice coil models allow you to install just one speaker and still receive stereo (left and right) signal.

Installations are made easy by way of custom compact spring loaded terminals and Earthquakes patented Turn-N-Lock mechanism making professional installations, fast, safe, easy, and secure. The new edgeless, paintable, magnetic-grille design gives a high-end visual aesthetic and allows the speaker to seamlessly blend into any décor and virtually disappear.

The RCS series is the perfect choice for contractors, installers, and Do-it-yourselfers.

Edgeless IQ Series

The IQ In-Ceilings - Now Edgeless

Earthquake Sound has just released the latest models of its IQ series of in-ceiling speaker with edgeless grilles for better aesthetic.

When it came to designing the IQ series, there were no technical shortcuts taken in order not to compromise the sound quality.

The new edgeless IQ series of ceiling speakers were designed with precision and care, inside out. A high-end, low-mass woven glass fiber cone maintains balance and light-weight construction; when gluing the cone surround to the basket, Earthquake uses its PistonMax™ patented technology in order to increase the speaker excursion thus producing more bass. The copper edge wound voice coil can withstand up to 600 degrees in order to keep high efficiency and avoid any deformation; the progressive spider material will not fatigue despite long working hours thus insuring cone movement linearity. All IQ speakers have dual silk dome tweeters that are mounted on an adjustable axis so that the user can point them to their sweet spot. A +/- 3dB crossover selector has been added to further tailor and equalize the sound.

Keeping the variable of space in mind the IQ speakers are available in two sizes (6” or 8”) and with the added option of a dual voice coil, you can now install a single speaker and receive left and right signals.

A new edgeless, paintable, magnetic-grille gives a high-end visual aesthetic and allows the user to customize the speaker to blend into any décor and virtually disappear.

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