Earthquake Adds Another Weapon of Mass Destruction to It’s Amplifier Artillery

Las Vegas, NV– Nova Audio by Earthquake Sound, adds to the success of Cinénova amplifiers that was found early on with it’s award winning Cinénova Grande 3 and 5-channel amps. This legacy of hard core amplifiers is carried into 2005 with an all new Cinénova still packing the serious watts and at ridiculously low and high impedances the New Cinénova Grande will offer 7-Channels of amplification and will be combined with all the nooks and crannies of the previous models.

We really believe that our electronics carry a strong yet subtle appearance that easily blends with audio racks or even living rooms. All the components feature the minimum in the way of buttons plus solid 4mm brushed aluminum front panels. These not only give the products a beautiful appearance and feel, but also ensure a very stable construction, further enhancing sound quality.

The big difference between the new Cinénova Grande-7 amp is that the previous models are five channel and three channel limiting the potential of a serious enthusiasts dream. Now with the 7-Channel, the possibilities have been expanded to the 7.1 surround, multiple subs, towers or what ever it is an installer or consumer may desire. With the use of two of these amps, you could literally open your own theater and charge people at the door.

Massive toroidal transformers and high-grade capacitors The Cinénova 7 features over specified toroidal transformers and high-grade capacitors for extra stability and large reserves of power. As a result, there's always enough current to keep a tight 'grip' on speakers. Even the most demanding transient peaks are reproduced with life-like accuracy and realistic dynamics. Just one of the factors which distinguishes an excellent amplifier from merely a good one.

And icing the cake is that we only use the best connections, like XLR and banana clip connectors to ensure that there is always an excellent flow of current and sound is reproduced in its purest form.

Cinénova Power rating per channel:

(8-ohm load), all channels driven: 300 watts.
(4-ohm load), all channels driven: 600 watts.
(2-ohm load), all channels driven: 1000 watts.

Freq. Response @1 W w/ ±0.1dB: 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Channel separation: greater than 95 dB

Max. input voltage: 1.9 volts

Input impedance: 27,000 ohms

Total harmonic distortion -THD:
1 kHz, 8-ohm load: 0.001%
20 kHz, 8-ohm load: 0.003%
1 kHz, 4-ohm load: 0.003%
20 kHz, 4-ohm load: 0.006%
1 kHz, 2-ohm load: 0.005%
20 kHz, 2-ohm load: 0.006%


Specifications and Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.


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