Cinénova Grande: A Power House That’s Built to Last

Hayward, CA – Earthquake Sound Corporation, a world renowned manufacturer of high-performance loudspeakers and entertainment products, delivers the Cinénova Grande line of amplifiers with more power, more input options and wider bandwidth than its predecessor.

On power, it is rated to produce 300 WRMS into 8-ohms, 500 WRMS into 4Ω and a whopping 1000 WRMS into 2Ω - 5 or 7 channels. While these power rating are incredibly high, actual measurements showed 360 WRMS into 8Ω, 660 WRMS into 4Ω, and a 1000WRMS into 2-ohms. While power rating is what makes this amplifier the one to go to for home theater and music, the newly designed MATDRIVE allows it to idle with a mere 0.6 ampere. This is ten times less current than any other amplifier on the market.

The Cinénova Grande’s ability to smack speakers around is partially attributed to its unbelievable damping factor. In 8-ohms, the damping factor was over 1600. 4-ohms over 800 and 2-ohms well over 400. A high damping factor is crucial to control the voice coil movement during operation. It is said that a damping factor of a100 is acceptable; well, how about 1600?

With seven monster-outputs sticking out of its 40-pound brain, the Cinénova Grande power supply has the honest but freaky look of Frankenstein. Bi-filer transformers insure the listener impeccable separation that delivers clean consent rated power that won't share with other channels. The Cinénova power supply is capable of delivering 3.6KVA while your home outlet has 1.5KVA into 110 Volts and 3KVA into 220 Volts.

The input stage of this amplifier has a crossover designed for bi-amplifier applications. The signal stage can use RCA input as well as XLR. A switch is used to toggle between the two inputs to ensure higher signal to noise ratio.

More Specifications:

 Under 0.003% @ 1kHzOver 110 dB @ 1kHz  118 dB @ 1 kHz 5Hz up to 100 kHz



For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact Rani C. Sentana or visit These products are available and shipping now. MSRP for each unit are as follows: Cinénova Grande 5-Channel, $4,499.00 | Cinénova Grande 7-Channel, $5,999.00

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