Supernova MKIV10 Review by: Steven Stone 3/14/05

Earthquake Supernova Mk IV 10 Subwoofer My choice of the Earthquake Supernova Mk IV 10" subwoofer for my desktop system was based on my experience with their larger 12" and 15" subwoofers in my home theater systems. These guys know how to make a solid no B.S. subwoofer. The Mk IV certainly lived up to my expectations. Earthquake Supernova Mk IV 10 Subwoofer Situated under my desktop with no corners to augment its low frequency extension, the Earthquake goes down flat to 30Hz and puts out appreciable low frequency energy to 20Hz. Unlike many subs, when called upon to reproduce a 30Hz tone the Supernova Mk IV puts out 30Hz without adding copious amounts of 60Hz and 120Hz. This makes integrating the Supernova far easier than with lesser subs. For more technical specifications check out the Earthquake's website. The Supernova takes both line-level and high-current inputs so that even if your integrated amp or preamp lacks line level outputs you can use the Earthquake. It also has a 0-180 phase-switch that becomes especially handy if you need to place the Supernova so the controls are on the left side. This puts the active driver facing away from the front, effectively reversing its phase. At $840 the Earthquake Supernova Mk IV 10" makes it difficult to recommend or justify a larger or more expensive subwoofer for a desktop system. You could spend more for a fancier finish (Earthquake has gloss piano black for extra $$) but in terms of performance and features for a desktop system, the buck stops here, at the Supernova Mk IV 10 subwoofer. By: Steven Stone /

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