Model No. IQ-1500
MSRP $999.00/piece
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The amplifier is designed to meet the highest standards of performance and sound quality. In addition Earthquake Sound’s IQ certification and patented Class “J” circuitry ensure that the amplifier meets and exceeds all industry standards. The new amplifiers include many unique technologies that allow it to deliver “World Class” performance, even under extreme operating conditions.

The is a ruggedly constructed high quality professional amplifier. The Digital feedback class “J” Circuitry, allows the amplifier to produce massive amounts of power with minimal heat production. This patented circuitry delivers high efficiency in the range of 99%- The typical class AB amplifier runs at about 40 to 50%.

The IQ-1500 offers a room correction technique that surpasses that of all previous attempts. The intelligent “Back EMF” drive circuit interacts with the subwoofer design and memorizes system tuning frequencies and system type. The information which is stored in the microprocessor turns on a preset group delay curve that serves as a correction reference. This information deals only with time correction that moves the peaks and the dips in a room to a flat. Once that is achieved the user will resort to the final correction- EQ the room. For that reason Earthquake’s is truly an intelligent system. 20Hz, 30Hz and 40Hz frequencies can be cut or boosted by a whopping 6dB. These corrections help in producing wider range of listening position that is unprecedented for the room. Please note that boosting the response at 20Hz is very demanding for a subwoofer. Consult with your subwoofer maker, and determine if their subwoofer is designed to take a boost at such low frequencies.

Like the IQ-600, the IQ-1500 also comes complete with the transformer, remote, and remote eye.


  • Power Output:
    1 x 1500 watts RMS @ 2 Ohms Mono (1% distortion)
    1 x 1100 watts RMS @ 4 Ohms Mono (1% distortion)
    1 x 700 watts RMS @ 8 Ohms Mono ( 1% distortion)
  • XLR/RCA and high level input connections
  • Room equalization
  • Subsonic filter
  • Phase shift
  • Phase delay
  • Custom flush mount design
  • Dual gains internally mixed
  • Music sensing ON/OFF
  • DC turn ON/OFF
  • IR Capability
  • 110V/220V


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  • Cut Sheet

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